Starting Small.. Again..

December 14, 2010

Suppose it’s time to kick start this.. Again!

But less expectations of myself, of my writing.. Less serious.. Yeah, that sounds good. :)

The setting? My messy desk, with plans of cleaning it, and with Julie & Julia playing on the upper monitor.. While chopping away at the relentless block of stuff to do, which is are my Congo plans. Sure, this is starting out great!

I seem to have a chronic problem with messiness. Seriously. Not uncleanliness, but messiness. Just kind of the acumilation of mess. Then trying to find the energy to tackle the mess. The battle.. Again.. And the one you always know that you don’t have to fight if you’d just keep up with the mess.

Well, I’d better get to it. I forgot where I heard it, but I heard somewhere that while you clean your house, you are cleaning yourself.. I like the analogy. :)

Quick update on the Congo stuff.. Still trying to get my immunizations going, just sent off for a price quote on the plane ticket (if I left on January 22), and trying to answer all the e-mails.. I really hope this is easier for those volunteers coming behind me.. Right now it’s crazy. And not the fun kind.

G’night everyone!



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